National Geographic Sea Bird started its morning by traveling through the Columbia River, heading east, and was met by the sun shining on the hills. The day’s activities began with walks – both a long and a short option – along the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. Guests were greeted with wonderful views of the river while they wandered through tunnels that were carved to create what was once the most expensive road constructed. Prior to the walk, guests stopped to take photographs and take in the views along Rowena Crest, a wonderful scenic outlook along the river. After a break for lunch, guests had the opportunity to visit the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and were treated to a presentation about raptors. Guests even got to meet a rehabilitated hawk, a 15-year-old red-tailed hawk named “Killer.” In the evening, guests were treated to sangria on the bow while passing through the Dalles Dam lock, followed by wonderful recapitulations by the field staff.