The day got off to an amazing start after we arrived in the quaint fishing town of Wrangell, Alaska. There was a plethora of adventures to choose from in the morning, including jet boat tours up the Stikine River, a Tlingit cultural experience at Chief Shake’s longhouse, and even a bear viewing experience at Anan Wildlife Observatory. Throughout the day, we got to see all kinds of animals, from Sitka black-tailed deer to bald eagles to both black bears and brown bears. In the afternoon, we continued exploring Wrangell by hiking up Mt. Dewey, biking to Rainbow Falls, and exploring the local shops in town. Some of us even got to try wild blueberries, huckleberries, and thimbleberries as we walked around town and up Mt. Dewey. The crescendo of the day was when Chief Mate Eamon spotted some humpback whales traveling north through Snow Passage during a gorgeous Alaskan sunset. We cannot wait for the new adventures that tomorrow will bring!