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  • 29 Aug 2018

Annbeth Eschbach Talks All Things Wellness

To Lindblad Expeditions, wildness is a tonic for the human spirit, vital for optimum health and well-being. To exhale, well-being is not a luxury, it’s an everyday experience. Based on these matching missions, we invited exhale to partner with us to create our revitalizing Base Camp getaways in Baja California and the Channel Islands. Founder and CEO of exhale, Annbeth Eschbach took some time to chat with us about all things wellness.

What is the origin of exhale?

When we founded exhale, our intention was to create transformational programs that address mind and body, through spa and fitness. We passionately believed the world needed a well-being brand that cares for the whole person, mind and body. Transformation happens when you engage both mentally and physically. Every day. Well-being is not a special treat. It is something that is part of your daily life.

What excites you most about our new wildness and wellness partnership?

We are living in an era eager to achieve or maintain well-being, mindfulness, and living well. Lindblad-exhale is pioneering fully integrated well-being getaways that are way beyond any ‘cruise with a massage’ model! This is an experience that goes deep—blending the best of exploration, transformation, and restoration in spectacular locations. People will benefit from this in a hugely rewarding way

Can you share some of your favorite ways to de-stress?

Sure! Here are four that I love:

  • Ear seeds at exhale

    I’m very busy so this is one of my favorite wellness hacks—it takes less than five minutes, but it improves your whole week. An acupuncturist places these small seeds on key points in your ear. Different areas of our ears correspond to different organs and systems within the body so stimulating these points have tremendous benefits for your well-being. Depending on where they’re placed, they can help you sleep, de-stress, and more.
  • Chill Yoga at exhale

    This class, which is a mix of restorative yoga and mindful meditation, is like a one-hour nap…and a wonderful time to regenerate the brain.
  • Massage

    There’s nothing like touch to melt away stress and a great body work session will do more than just free the mind…it will also free the body.
  • Look out at a large body of water

    Water is magical. Taking a problem and sending your thoughts out to sea will always work wonders for me. There is nothing bigger than the sea…and anything cluttering up my mind will drift away.

What does mindfulness mean to you?

I used to thrive on stress and got sucked into the culture of overstimulation, multitasking, and being forever on-the-go. The notion of ‘recovery time’ for the mind was not on my radar, let alone in my language.

Not anymore. For me, mindfulness is a life-changing exercise, kind of like strength training for my mental muscles. It means shifting my gears to have both my mind and body in the current moment, conversation, meeting, or experience. Giving myself permission to smile and be grateful for a kindness or new insight. And it is disrupting the negative thoughts to create room for the positive ones.

When done regularly, the exercise makes me feel better physically and emotionally. It has actually been proven to rewire your brain; there are structural changes that occur in your mind that produce improved physical and emotional well-being.

What would be your perfect day on board the ship?

  • Morning meditation

  • Morning exhale power yoga or exhale barre class on deck

  • Coffee and an egg

  • Super-challenging hike on land followed by a stretch session

  • Stand up paddle board yoga session

  • Neck massage and Pinot Grigio on deck

  • Sunset exhale Chill class

  • Serious dinner

  • Deep meditative sleep