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  • 8 Feb 2019

Patagonian Dreams with Krista Rossow

Patagonia is a compelling destination for any curious traveler, including those who travel with a camera. Recently, National Geographic photographer Krista Rossow posted a link to her blog, Patagonian Dreamson Instagram. Her posts were about her recent expedition there with us aboard National Geographic Orion. Her personal take on what she saw and felt, and her images, which so beautifully captured what makes Patagonia so exhilarating, really moved us, so we were delighted when she agreed to let us showcase her take on Patagonia. We hope her passion for the place and her photos move you to explore the beauty there too.  

National Geographic Orion

National Geographic Orion backed by the Garibaldi Glacier, Tierra del Fuego, Chile. 

Southern beech trees

“For the love of trees! I adored the shapes of the Southern beech trees in Karukinka Natural Park.” Karukinka is one of several privately owned parklands we have special access to.

elephant seals

“Southern elephant seals in Karukinka Natural Park blend into the beach like logs when they’re resting, but they cannot be ignored when they cause a ruckus. In fact, this bunch interrupted an interview I was doing with Video Chronicler, Mark Coger.”


“We took various hikes throughout Torres del Paine National Park and had many guanaco as willing subject matter to pose in front of the gorgeous mountain backdrops.”

rainbow at Cape Horn

“Most of my visit to Cape Horn was conducted under torrential rains, but as I made a dash for the last Zodiac to the ship, the sky parted and this rainbow appeared.”

horseback scenery

“Although I didn’t photograph while galloping on my horse, that experience is seared into my mind forever.”


“I’ve seen the Torres del Paine massif in countless photos and nothing could prepare me for how overwhelmed I’d feel when I finally gazed at such beauty in person... Torres del Paine National Park is in the top five most beautiful places I’ve ever been.”