Ilya Espino de Marotta Joins the December 15 Departure

2016-05-05-JC-0054_Ilya_Espino_de_Marotta.jpgSpecial Guest and Chief Operating Officer of the Panama Canal Authority, Ilya Espino de Marotta, joins the Dec. 15, 2019 departure of Costa Rica & the Panama Canal aboard the National Geographic Quest. Previous to being named, chief operating officer, Ilya oversaw all phases of the Panama Canal Expansion Project, becoming the first woman to hold such a role at the Panama Canal Authority. She was featured on the cover of the July 2017 issue of Forbes magazine, listed as one of the 50 most powerful women in Central America. Her leadership on the Panama Canal Expansion Project allowed the canal to double its capacity, allowing even larger vessels to move through the locks.

She is accompanied by her husband, Peter Marotta, dredge captain at the Panama Canal Authority. Together, their wealth of experience and knowledge will enhance the guest experience, especially while the Quest cruises through the canal’s waterways.

Join us Dec. 15, 2019, for what promises to be an enlightening voyage with one of the Panama Canal’s leading experts.



“If the Great Pyramids of Giza are on your bucket list, no rush, ya’ got time; they haven’t changed in 4,600 years! If The Panama Canal is on your bucket list, ya’ better get with it! One of mankind’s’ greatest achievements has only been around for 103 years and it just completed an enormous leap into the 21st century. Come touch the past, come see the future.”

—Ilya Espino de Marotta

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