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  • Brazil & Argentina: Wildlife & Culture

    Sail from the cultural capital of Salvador, Brazil to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, Argentina and whale-rich Península Valdés aboard National Geographic Explorer.

  • Wild South America: The Guianas to Brazil

    Extraordinary diversity and a dazzling array of points of interest await on this exploration through five countries, two legendary rivers, and a host of places few people ever see. Explore pristine Fernando de Noronha, a UNESCO Site; grand Kaieteur Falls; and well-preserved colonial towns with a dramatic history.

  • Wild Peru Escape: Amazon & Machu Picchu

    Our expedition style of travel means getting out daily in a variety of ways to actively experience the wonders of the Upper Amazon. The 28-guest Delfin II broadens the notion of expedition to include spacious, air-conditioned comfort and five-star cuisine.

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  • The Inian Islands: Where Alaska’s Wildlife Gathers

    On the very northern edge of the Inside Passage, the Pacific Ocean flows into a narrow strait, creating one of the most biologically rich places on Earth. It’s a virtual “all-you-can-eat buffet” for wildlife says Lindblad expedition leader Victoria Souze about the millions of gallons of cold, oxygen-bearing ocean water carrying abundant fish and nutrients....

    Apr 1, 2020

  • Antarctica’s First Lady: Edith Ronne

    Edith M. “Jackie” Ronne never intended on visiting Antarctica, but an uncanny chain of events led to her living and working there for over a year, becoming an Antarctic explorer in her own right. In January 1947, en route to Antarctica, Jackie’s husband Commander Finn Ronne invited her to fly down to Texas to christen...

    Mar 20, 2020

  • Smart Fun in Magdalena Bay with Mika

    Hi! I’m Mika (that’s pronounced M-eee-ka!) and I‘m 9 years old. A few months ago, my parents and I had the chance to visit a beautiful and wild place called Baja. We saw so many amazing things like whales breaching, dolphins playing in the water around our ship, and a sky filled with hundreds of...

    Mar 20, 2020

  • Meet the Elite 8: Penguins of the Southern Ocean

    It’s a penguin party down in the ice! Eight of the world’s 17 penguin species live in Antarctica and the subantarctic islands of the Falklands and South Georgia. But can you tell a gentoo from a chinstrap? This penguin primer will get you up to speed so you can know before you go.    EMPEROR...

    Feb 1, 2020

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