Assistant Expedition Leaders

They ensure that logistical organization remains one of our hallmarks

Assistant expedition leaders, most of who have risen through the ranks after years of expedition travel, are masters of detail. They plan each landing to ensure the day goes off without a hitch—from ensuring there are enough Zodiacs running for efficient shuttles ashore to working with local agents on luggage transfers. Coordinating between the navigation, hotel and expedition departments, they ensure a seamless, unified, guest-centered expedition. 

Featured Assistant Expedition Leaders

Alexandra Van Nostrand

Assistant Expedition Leader
Alaska, 20 June 2021
Alexandra is happiest when chasing waterfalls, exploring wilderness, or reveling in a good story. With a background in experiential learning, logistics and global fieldwork, she loves to marvel in the vastness of the polar regions and is thrilled to adventure on the world’s oceans after many years hoofing over various continents.

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