Ahmed Bekheet


Ahmed is a passionate and experienced Egyptologist. He was born in Cairo, between the wondrous pyramids and the Nile. He often says that the river and pyramids are the symbolic wings that helped him soar through Egypt’s history and culture.

His love for archaeology led him to study Egyptology at Cairo University, where he earned degrees in Islamic history and tourism. After a few years of participating in archaeological excavations at Abusir (where the 5th dynasty pharaohs built their pyramids) with the High Council of Archeology, Ahmed shifted his interest to guiding and lecturing, which he’s been passionately involved in for the past 24 years.

Ahmed is an active and energetic person. In the past, he trained in martial arts and played soccer and volleyball. These days, he loves aerobics and working out to stay fit for the job. He lives in Cairo with his lovely wife and two children.

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