Ahmed Debess


Ahmed Debess is a tour guide and program director since 1980, he was born and still lives in Damanhur not far from Alexandria and Rosetta which is the place of Rosetta stone the key to ancient Egyptian culture and language.

He, his wife and son, who is a medical doctor, love Egyptology. They read a lot about it and visit many sites because they believe that every site has its own charm and specific attraction. In his long experience he escorted several educational tours and had the pleasure to guide many celebrities and ambassadors.

He like the tombs (Mastabas) of Sakkara because the beautiful paint on the walls shows lovely, interesting details of the Egyptians daily life such as farming, hunting, fishing, dancing, playing games music.  It is true that ancient Egyptians enjoy life beside building pyramids, temples and tombs for the afterlife.

He plays football and table tennis, enjoys watching old movies and opera shows, listening to music and reading a lot of books. He received several AWARDS from the Egyptian ministry of tourism and civilization light association in Cairo and guides syndicate in Alexandria.  His main value is to accept and respect other people no matter who they are. He tells guests that EGYPT is the gift of the Nile and also the gift of the Egyptians who created a great civilization for the man kind and the world.

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