Alasdair McGregor

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Writer, historian, painter, and native Australian, Alasdair McGregor’s creative interests range across a number of fields, including natural history and the environment, architecture and design, and the history of exploration. He is author/co-author/editor of seven books, including Antarctica: That Sweep of Savage Splendor, collected writings edited by Alasdair McGregor; and a biography of renowned Australian photographer/adventurer, Frank Hurley: A Photographer’s Life

His involvement with the Antarctic region goes back to the early 1980s when he joined a mountaineering expedition to sub-Antarctic Heard Island. As an artist, he was then fortunate to accompany Australian Antarctic Division voyages to Casey Station and Macquarie Island, and in the late 1990s became involved with the Mawson’s Huts Foundation, a body set up to co-ordinate conservation work on the historic huts from Dr Douglas Mawson’s 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition. Alasdair spent two summers at Cape Denison in East Antarctica, working on the huts and gathering material for an extensive series of Antarctic paintings.

Since 2005, most summers have seen Alasdair voyaging south. He writes on a diversity of historical subjects for magazines such as Australian Geographic. Recently, Alasdair made his 24th voyage to the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic.

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