Alexandra Cueva

Wellness Specialist

Alexandra was born in Quito, also known as the "City in the Center of the World". Since she was a young child, she showed an interest in wellness and health. She studied chemistry and biology and after high school started business management studies to work in the family business as a general manager.

After graduating in 1999, she took a different path and began studies in cosmetology and aesthetics at the Imagen International Institute in Argentina. She also continued with a specialization as a holistic therapist at the Institute of Aromatherapy FUNDHAE (associated with the Institute of Aromatherapy in Madrid). After completing her cosmetology studies she became certified in massage therapy with a specialization in aromatherapy. She is also certified in yoga and pilates.

For wellness treatments, she loves a number of techniques including Mediterranean, Thai and Californian Massage, Rose Therapy, Express Akkinson Therapy, Cepillo, Swedish Massage, Jasmine Therapy, Reflex-Thai Massage, and lastly, Lymphatic Drainage, which is one of her favorites. During her free time she enjoys spending time with her young son, Ricky, and her family which have provided her fundamental support in order to grow and advance her career. 

Alexandra has a variety of options to help you tap into your own notion of wellness, in whatever way you choose. Whether its yoga movement sessions or massage treatments, Alexandra will help you experience wellness at your own pace.

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