Alisha Kilgore

Assistant Expedition Leader

Born and raised in Eastern Washington and North Idaho, Alisha Kilgore has possessed an appetite for adventure from a young age. When she and her father weren’t backpacking or kayaking in the stunning mountain ranges around them, they were chasing the next adventure throughout Canada, the United States, or Mexico. The farther Alisha ventured from the Northwest, the more intrigued she became by the people and landscapes she encountered.

At the age of 16 she started working at a summer resort that hosted exchange workers from various corners of the world. Their stories enthralled Alisha and eventually inspired her to study International Affairs and Spanish at Eastern Washington University. During that time she had the opportunity to study abroad in San José, Costa Rica, where she befriended many solo female travelers and decided that that was the path she too would eventually take.

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree, Alisha pursued her two greatest interests; working with people and traveling, which she decided to make into a full-time job. She spent the first six months after college working on the National Geographic Sea Lion, and quickly fell in love with Lindblad and the lifestyle on the ships. She went on to backpack throughout Central and South America for several months at a time, often alone. She has also been fortunate enough to live and teach English in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Lima, Peru, while practicing her Spanish. She currently divides her time exploring with Lindblad, backpacking through exotic places, and working as the general manager of a resort near her hometown. Her attention to detail, passion for people, and adventurous spirit, will ensure that you have a fun and seamless trip.

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