Amy Lake

Grosvenor Teacher Fellow

Amy Lake is a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow alumna who has taught middle school social studies for over 30 years. Previously she taught cultural journalism and adventure education at the Wilderness School. Amy embraces experiential learning for both her students and herself. She explored the former Soviet Union, including the central Asian republic of Uzbekistan, as a member of citizen diplomacy tours, Japan as a Keizai Koho Fellow, China with the National Consortium for Teaching About East Asia, and Turkey with the World Affairs Council of CT and Turkish Cultural Foundation. She participated in a Fulbright-Hayes group project to Egypt and Tanzania focusing on Islam as a lived experience.

Her 2013 expedition to Arctic Svalbard as a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow was the catalyst for developing a unit of study on global warming. Her students lobbied the CT legislature with public testimony in favor of a single-use plastic bag ban, made the evening news, and helped the bill become state law. She collaborated with Boston University in its production of the film Inside Africa, and is featured in Primary Source's podcast: What Teachers Need to Know: Africa Edition. Amy Lake is the central subject in the documentary film, Passion to Teach (Trailer can be viewed at She was elected to her town's Board of Education and is a Justice of the Peace. She likes to cross country ski, garden, and upcycle old fabric into rugs. She lives with her husband, son and miniature dachshund in northwestern Connecticut.

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