Andrea Marshall

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Dynamic Andrea Marshall was educated in the U.S. and Australia. She leads groundbreaking research and conservation programs to save globally threatened manta rays, other vulnerable marine megafauna, and their critical habitats. She co-founded the Marine Megafauna Foundation, discovered two new species of manta ray, and is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

One of her signature accomplishments is the creation of a global database that can revolutionize the future of manta ray research.

Andrea conducts her research from Mozambique’s remote southern coastline. She says, “To earn the trust of local government and communities, I had to immerse myself in the issues facing this coastline and make Mozambique my home. People here are poor, and exploiting resources has been the only way to feed their families. But they would rather earn a living from positive, non-destructive means.”

By integrating local residents into the process of conservation, creating alternative livelihoods, and promoting responsible ecotourism, Andrea hopes to create lasting change in the region. She is also active in research programs in Myanmar, Thailand, Ecuador, Brazil, and Indonesia.

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