Andrew Clarke

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Andrew Clarke is an ecologist who has spent all of his working life in polar regions. He grew up in London where his lifelong interest in birds started in the city’s many green spaces and on family visits to Norfolk. He studied zoology and geology at Cambridge University, spending the summer of 1968 supporting geological fieldwork in Svalbard.

This inspirational visit was to shape the rest of his career. After graduating from Cambridge University he joined the British Antarctic Survey and spent the next 40 years working on South Georgia, the South Orkney Islands, the Antarctic Peninsula, and the continent. There was also the occasional return trip to Svalbard. His main ecological interests center on how animals and plants relate to temperature.

Although initially a purely academic interest, this relationship has assumed enormous wider relevance as areas such as the western Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia show striking signs of regional climatic change. He has worked primarily with marine invertebrates and fish, but has also undertaken studies of birds, mammals, and most recently dinosaurs. He is the author of over 180 scientific papers, including a recent review of the bird fauna of South Georgia. He has edited four academic books, and is currently writing a book on animals and temperature. Having recently moved to the Norfolk coast he now has more time to indulge his passion for birding. His other leisure interests include general natural history, sport and an eclectic taste in music. Sadly he has finally had to hang up his soccer cleats, but in theory this gives more time to practice the flute.

Andrew Clarke wrote Principles of Thermal Ecology: Temperature, Energy, and Life. For more information, please contact our partners at Longitude Books. 

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