Cesar Gaviria

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Former Colombian President César Gaviria—known in Latin America as an advocate of democracy, staunch supporter of regional integration, and defender of human rights—was elected President of Colombia in 1990. An engaging and insightful speaker, President Gaviria will join us aboard, introducing Lindblad-National Geographic guests to the economic and political climate of Latin America, as well as his work in protecting the world’s oceans.

President Gaviria began his career as a councilman in his hometown of Pereira and rose to the top position in the House of Representatives by 1983.  In 1986, he became co-chair of the Colombian Liberal Party, and served in the Barco administration as Minister of Finance and Minister of the Interior.  In May 1990, Columbia elected Gaviria president for a four-year term, and in 1991, Colombia drafted a new, more democratic constitution.  President Gaviria was first elected Secretary General of the OAS (Organization of American States) in 1994 and re-elected in 1999.  During his tenure, the OAS fostered profound changes and intensified efforts to combat terrorism, drugs, and corruption.

President Gaviria also serves on the Board of Directors of Oceana, the global organization that creates policy to reduce pollution and prevent the collapse of fish populations, marine mammals, and other sea life.

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