Coleman Eaton

Grosvenor Teacher Fellow

Coleman Eaton III is a physical science and 8th grade science teacher at Inman Middle School in Atlanta, GA. He works with students to discover potential in science and life beyond. Working with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds as well different academic levels motivates Coleman to move towards his goal of creating more opportunities for his students to seek meaningful careers. Coleman’s dream is to create a school that allows students to be best prepared for life through learning trades, gaining certifications and creating paths to wealth and ownership. He volunteers with students outside of school and works with mentoring programs to change the narrative of young black men in society.

Coleman was a Gil Grosvenor Fellow in 2012 and traveled to Svalbard, Norway for the Land of Bears Expedition. He used his time in the Arctic to connect with nature and used his experiences to connect with the community back home. He plans to dive deep in what The Galápagos has to offer and use the lessons learned to inspire more students than he did before. From the Arctic to the equator, the privilege of being a Fellow has connected Coleman to nature, his students, community and the call to serve others.

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