Craig Hemsath

Grosvenor Teacher Fellow

Craig earned his B.A. degree in Biology and Education in 2004 from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Soon after he began work on a Master of Science degree, completing in 2007 in Biology, with an emphasis on Restoration Ecology from the University of Northern Iowa. Craig studied granivory and seed loss in relation to prairie reconstruction. Along with continuing to study granivory, Craig’s current interest is in locating new records of rare plants across the tall grass prairie region.

Since 2007 Craig has taught the Life Sciences at Union High School in La Porte City, Iowa. He brings a reflective approach, having students think of connections of their world and patterns observed in nature. He’s been fortunate enough to lead student expeditions across the Americas from the Great Plains, Yellowstone and Costa Rican Rainforest where they study human interactions & the environment.

Craig has remained active in conservation work, partnering with a variety of agencies on survey and stewardship projects from his hometown in Iowa to the Minnesota/Canada border. He’s also passionate about nature photography and spends countless hours documenting the small and hidden beauty of the tallgrass prairie which has led to national recognition for his imagery. At home he's busy with his wonderful wife and four children, ages 10 down to 6 months. The three older ones love helping dad in his vegetable garden and joining him in photography and fishing outings.

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