Dan Whittle

Guest Speaker

Dan Whittle is the Senior Attorney and Director, Cuba Program, Environmental Defense Fund, Raleigh, NC.

For nearly 20 years Dan has led EDF’s projects in Cuba to promote sustainable fisheries and the conservation of critical marine and coastal ecosystems. Dan and his team helped Cuban scientists design an island-wide network of marine parks and nature preserves aimed at protecting Cuba’s remarkable coral reefs and other critical habitats. He has worked alongside Cuban lawyers, policy makers and conservationists to identify new science-based approaches to managing fisheries, and is spearheading an innovative community-based program with fishermen designed to end overfishing and rebuild fish populations. Providing a more direct and meaningful role for fishermen and other stakeholders in environmental decision making and resource management is a central focus of his work.

Since 2008 Dan has been especially active in promoting scientific exchange and environmental cooperation between the United States and Cuba and has been recognized by both governments for his efforts to facilitate a fruitful dialogue between former adversaries.  

Dan has worked at EDF since 1997 on a variety of issues, including forest conservation, agricultural pollution, and marine conservation. He taught environmental law at Wake Forest University Law School and was a policy advisor for North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt. He also practiced environmental and energy law at a private law firm in Washington, DC.  

Dan is an avid SCUBA diver and recreational cyclist.

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