Danielle Bugge

Guest Speaker

Danielle Buggé is a physics and environmental science teacher in West Windsor, New Jersey. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Studio Art from Wesleyan University and her Master’s in Education, with Physics Teacher Certification, from Rutgers University. While at Wesleyan, Danielle played four years of varsity ice hockey. She is currently a PhD candidate in physics education focusing on student engagement in experimental design.

Danielle has been curious about our world since she was a little girl and views herself as an explorer. Within the classroom, she challenges her students to question the world in which they live. The culture of learning is primarily investigative with students constructing knowledge through observation and analysis. In this environment, Danielle empowers her students to develop this same excitement and passion for learning that she possesses as they become globally-aware citizens.

Over the last few years, Danielle’s students have been involved in space telescope design challenges, used geospatial technology to design investigations within their community, and served as Maker ambassadors to elementary school students. As ambassadors, the high school students mentored elementary school students on physics and environmental science. Student efforts were highlighted by the Alliance for Excellent Education on Maker Programs and showcased at Digital Learning Day to an international audience. Outside the classroom, Danielle can be found refereeing ice hockey games, traveling and camping, and working on her artwork.

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