David Braun

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

David Braun is a 17-year veteran of National Geographic, currently serving as senior digital editor for daily news, environment and science. He also directs his popular National Geographic News Watch blog, including a companion blog to Tales of the Weird, a bestseller book he edited for National Geographic in 2012. David's 40-year journalism career in the U.S., U.K., and South Africa gives him global perspective and experience across the media landscape.

He has covered Congress, the White House, international legislatures, and the United Nations, and he has been published/broadcast by the BBC, CNN, AP, UPI, National Geographic, De Telegraaf, Travel World, and the Johannesburg Star. Assignments in more than 60 countries included traveling with Nelson Mandela in North America and Bill Clinton in Africa, and covering political negotiations hosted by Fidel Castro in Havana. As a member of the National Geographic Expeditions Council, and media representative to the Committee for Research and Exploration, David has accompanied Nat Geo scientists to 69 field sites in 14 countries.

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