David Yarnold

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

As President and CEO of the National Audubon Society since 2010, David has unified and built America’s most effective conservation network. His vision aligned Audubon’s conservation work along migratory flyways, the "superhighways in the sky" that millions of birds travel, across geographic and political boundaries. Birds lead Audubon to America’s most important regions, from the Colorado River Basin to the Everglades to Long Island Sound to the Great Lakes and the prairies of the Dakotas. Using cutting-edge science, Audubon protects these places and promotes bipartisan policy solutions in communities, statehouses, in Washington D.C. and across the Western Hemisphere. 

On David’s watch, Audubon has focused its 1.4 million members and 463 chapters on five overarching conservation strategies: climate, water, coasts, working lands and Bird Friendly Communities. As a result of the turnaround he has led, Audubon has reassumed its historic leadership role on state and national efforts to preserve wetlands, to address rising sea levels, to ensure water is used for conservation in America’s river systems and to ensure food, shelter and safe passage for birds where people live. He shares the joy and wonder that Audubon’s members find in birds, having become an avid birder, as well. A Pulitzer Prize winner and eloquent advocate for birds and the environment, David is a regular contributor to publications from The New York Times to POLITICO to Forbes as well as to numerous regional publications. His belief that non-profits can almost always move more quickly has made him a spokesperson for change in the NGO world and made Audubon the subject of a Harvard Business School case study. 

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