Devlin Gandy

Guest Photographer

Devlin Gandy is a freelance photographer, archaeologist, rock climber, and National Geographic Explorer based in Berkeley, California.  Devlin was born and raised in the Santa Monica Mountains, just northwest of Los Angeles. Being raised in the mountains left a permanent curiosity and interest in nature, wild places, and how people relate to them. He began to document these places and experiences through photography, and now has spent the past decade visually documenting nature, extreme adventures, and cultures. His photography and video work have been featured by National Geographic, VICE, and Climbing Magazine among others.

Devlin holds a degree in anthropology from University of California, Berkeley, and has focused much of his time on studying the history and cultural landscape of the many indigenous groups who called Southern California home. As an archaeologist, Devlin has combined his love for climbing and the outdoors to explore some of the most remote and rugged regions of California.
As a National Geographic Explorer he has received grants from the National Geographic Society to survey and record Native American rock art sites in Southern California, searching for sacred sites in urban spaces in an effort to record and protect this valuable cultural heritage. More recently, he has been a member of the National Geographic-funded Boiling River Project, an effort to save one of South America’s most unique geothermal features, and the rainforest that surrounds it.

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