Dorien Boels

Wellness Specialist

Dorien is an experienced massage therapist and yoga teacher. Originally from the Netherlands, she has been exploring the world for the last 15 years, while teaching yoga and giving bodywork treatments. She loves the magic of the undersea and has also taught scuba diving on her travels around the globe. 

Bodywork and yoga have captivated Dorien from the beginning. She is now exploring the anatomical and energetic wisdom of the body and how it sets in motion a process of understanding and awareness. Her private one-on-one massage treatments are tailored specifically for each guest. Drawing from both Eastern and Western disciplines, she blends deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, and acupressure techniques to help guests let go and release tensions in deep layers, leaving them calm and relaxed.

Dorien’s morning stretch class is gentle and suitable for all levels. As a meditation in motion, it is an ideal mix of calming breathwork and easy stretches to wake up the body and get ready for each thrilling day ahead. 

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