Ehab Farag


Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt a few steps from the Egyptian museum, Ehab grew his passion towards ancient Egyptian culture and civilization. It was like love at first sight. As a kid, Ehab went on school trips to various ancient Egyptian sites where he was fascinated with the ancient Egyptian monuments. This made his choice to have a major in Guiding at the Faculty of tourism and hotel management, University of Helwan a stress-free and easy decision. Ehab’s main dream and goal was and will always be to deliver the greatest amount of knowledge and passion of ancient Egypt to his guests and make them get greatly attached to Egypt as his own self.

As an Egyptologist, tour director and primarily a tour guide Ehab enjoys communicating with people of different walks of life and provide them with a life time experience concentrating on people of both ancient and contemporary Egypt. His greatest concern is to give more credit to the ancient Egyptians themselves apart from kings and queens. He believes that they are the ones who built the Egyptian history and made one of the oldest standing civilizations in the world. He always believes that people are the essence of the country itself in both ancient and contemporary Egypt.

Ehab’s favorite destination is Aswan because of its magical, breathtaking scenery. He feels like a free bird flying over the Philae temple or wondering through the Nubian village enjoying the colorful markets trying local food, and people interactions.

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