Elio Cordero

Cultural Specialist

A native of Havana, Elio grew up in the island nation of Cuba. His father, now retired, was a Russian translator, and his mother still works in the Cuban Ministry of Culture’s photo archive. From an early age, Elio always had a strong aptitude for languages, and he graduated with a degree in English language teaching from the Language Faculty in Havana. He taught English briefly, before joining Cuba’s then-nascent tourism industry over 20 years ago. In the years since, he has accompanied many visitors and organizations of note on their journeys through Cuba.Elio has studied Cuban history independently, and has a strong passion for the subject. He is also very interested in Cuba’s nature and has accompanied travelers on natural history journeys. Elio is a certified diver who enjoys exploring Cuba’s rich undersea life.

He is married with three children, and still lives in Havana. Between journeys, Elio enjoys spending time with his extended family.

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