Ewa Bartkowiak

Wellness Specialist

Ewa has been working at sea for over two years, enjoying the amazing opportunity to combine travel to some of the world’s most amazing places, with doing the job she’s most passionate about.  Before she joined the National Geographic Orion family she spent most of her professional life working as a teacher.  Teaching helped her to develop a loving and compassionate nature that will provide you with soothing and deeply relaxing spa treatments. While Ewa is a well-trained remedial massage therapist, she also has no mercy when comes to getting rid of the pains in your body.

Ewa is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles; therefore she will make sure that your well-being is maintained while on board. Ewa holds her bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics and undertook her yoga teacher training in Sweden. Each day she will invite you to a morning stretch and relax class that will include various yoga-based postures.  She will be happy to talk and share her experience concerning health, body and mind or general wellness issues. Unless, of course, you’d rather stay quiet and enjoy a relaxing treatment in our cozy massage room.

Ewa is also a great lover of the outdoors and is looking forward to spending time with you on the many expedition adventures you will be undertaking ashore. Ewa has a variety of options to help you tap into your own notion of wellness, in whatever way you choose. Whether it’s a morning stretch class or a massage treatment, she will help you experience wellness at your own pace.

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