Gabriel Biderman

Guest Speaker

Photographer Gabriel Biderman has been exploring night topography for over 15 years. Using both film and digital, he blends the surreal look of the night to enhance historic and urban landscapes. He is well versed in the history of Night Photography and teaches hands-on workshops to those willing to explore their night visions.

His most recent body of work titled TIMEXPOSED was a traveling show that was featured at John Allans in New York City from 2009-2010. He has also exhibited in galleries in San Francisco, Hawaii, Paris, and London. His pinhole work has also been published in Dark Chambers vol 2 and Pinhole Photography - Rediscovering the Historic Technique by Eric Renner.

Gabriel also works for the marketing department at a small mom and pop camera store, B&H, where he has been presenting his seminar on Night Photography to sold out classes for over six years. Visit Gabriel's website and blog at

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