Giavanna Fasanelli


The intertidal rock pools of Southern Africa spawned in Giovanna a lifelong passion for the intricate diversity of the natural realm. This love of adventure and discovery has led her to all continents and over 100 countries and grown her experience from hands-on marine research initiatives with Tiger Sharks in Australia’s Coral Sea, to leading cutting-edge expeditions in remote areas of the world tracking enigmatic creatures such as Snow Leopards, Pumas, Polar Bears and Mountain Gorillas.

After graduating in Marine Biology from Australia’s James Cook University, Giovanna followed her passion into a decade-long career in investigative journalism; exploring conservation science, fisheries management and ground-breaking aquaculture methodology.

Giovanna’s skills as a PADI Divemaster, with over 2000 dives throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans, steered her path into the luxury expedition market and fuelled the co-creation of the Seattle-based company Apex Expeditions that specialises in high-end adventure travel all over the globe, from pole to pole. Continually enthralled by the mysterious splendour of the shores, reefs and deep trenches of the world's oceans Giovanna remains devoted to documenting the frontiers of marine exploration on-screen and off: as an author, TV presenter, underwater photographer and submarine pilot.

Giovanna brings expertise, technical aptitude and an infectious enthusiasm to any marine endeavour, and hopes to leave a legacy of appreciation, curiosity and preservation by sharing her passionate love of the realm aquatic.


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