Gunnar Mar Jakobsson


Árstíðir, a classically influenced indie-folk rock/chamber pop band, got off to a dream start in 2008 with two number one hits on Icelandic National Radio. A video of the band doing an impromptu a cappella performance of the Icelandic hymn Heyr himna smiður in a German train station wowed the world after going viral with over six million views to date. 

The band members’ wide range of musical backgrounds and experience, combined with professional interests ranging from law to literature and engineering to computers, make them unique in their wholly democratic approach to music making and performance. Entwining the elements of sound with lyrics describing heartbreak, longing, memory, and a deep connection to the circular oneness of life, they marry organic acoustic traditions and modern electronic arrangements with intricate simplicity and unpretentious skill.


With their sweeping vocal harmonies backed by lush layered orchestral instrumental arrangements, Árstíðir sings, “Not everything you feel can be seen, but the feeling lasts so long,” and hopes that what the audience feels will linger long after their last note is played.

Learn more about them and listen to some of their music at

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