Guy Cotter

Guest Speaker

Guy Cotter has achieved a long list of notable mountaineering ascents. Not only has climbed Mt Everest four times and five other peaks over 8000 meters, he has also climbed the Seven Summits, the highest peak on every continent, skied to the South Pole and done numerous Antarctic expeditions including several ascents of Vinson Massif, the first ascent of Mt Slaughter and a number of first ascents on the Antarctic Peninsula.  At seventeen years old Guy had already climbed New Zealand highest peak Mt Cook and was completely committed to a life as an alpinist.

His passion for the mountains saw him focus on a career as a mountain guide that saw him achieve the IFMGA mountain guide qualification. In 1992, his passion and skills earned him a position working alongside fellow Kiwis Rob Hall and Gary Ball when they established their Everest guiding company; Adventure Consultants (AC). Guy excelled as a high altitude guide and led the team to the summit that year and on subsequent years.

Adventure Consultants now has ninety eight distinct products and runs some thirty five international expeditions per year and Guy will be the lead mountaineering guide during the October 2016 trek that recreates the Shackleton Traverse for Lindblad.

Guy divides his time between running the company and leading expeditions or film projects and personal mountaineering and adventure activities, including the recent 2015 movie “Everest”, and was in charge of mountain safety for the making of the film.

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