Hanaa Swiefy


Growing up in Egypt, surrounded by so many ancient, historic sites, Hanaa became interested in archeology and the legends and hieroglyphic language of the ancient Egyptians. She graduated from hotel management and tourism and then earned a bachelor’s degree in Egyptology.

Now, in addition to working as an Egyptologist, Hanaa also works as a tour director, guiding groups from several North American companies all over Egypt and giving lectures that offer a unique and exclusive glimpse of her country. She covers not only history and archeology, but also contemporary Egypt, its customs, traditions, and social life. She loves working with different cultures and clients from all over the world.

It was always her dream to work as an Egyptologist. She’s been doing this job for more than 25 years and still loves it as if she just started yesterday. Hanaa is a member of both the Egyptian General Tourist Guides Syndicate and the World Federation of Tour Guide Association.

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