Jennifer Chavez-Miller

Guest Speaker

Jennifer Chavez-Miller teachers eighth graders at South Valley Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Traveling and meeting people around the world have offered life-defining experiences for Jen as an explorer, mother, and teacher and have shaped core values she carries into the classroom each day—that we as humans are wired for connection to each other and to nature; that when we work together, we are more successful than had we gone it alone; and that young people have the power to shape the world profoundly.

For the past 20 years, Jen has taught about the world because she wants her students to see the world as an extraordinary place that is worth knowing and protecting. She was a Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Fellow to Finland in 2015 where she researched how students can be global citizens through human rights, peace, and sustainable development education. That experience has inspired Jen to intentionally create curriculum to engage students through geography and literacy. She loves that creative, critical space of presenting to children the challenges our world faces along with instilling wonder, curiosity, adventure, and empowerment to be global citizens.

Jen is thrilled to be on this adventure of a lifetime and hopes this opportunity translates to experiences with and for her students that inspire them to do good and dream big as explorers of the world. Jen’s passionate about ensuring students are connected, empowered, and know they have a voice and an important role to play in our world.

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