Jennifer Williams

Wellness Specialist

Jen has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998 and has a private practice in Manhattan as well as in her new home city of Philadelphia.  She holds a certification in basic exercise science, has a regular personal yoga practice, and she is a MELT method instructor. She has pursued a lifetime of dance training and is currently obsessed with rhythm tap dancing.

As a long time city dweller, Jen has a keen understanding of the kinds of wellness that can only come from the natural world. Some of her memorable escapes from the urban life include her adventure in Kenya with NOLS, her explorations of the Hawaiian Islands and many scuba trips throughout the Caribbean.

Jen has studied a variety of massage modalities and can tailor a hands-on session to the individual needs of her clients. Her morning stretch classes combine her experiences in the dance studio with the meditative movements on the yoga mat and the self-massage techniques of the MELT method.

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