Joe Super

Grosvenor Teacher Fellow

Joe Super is an environmentally active biology teacher at Minot High School in Minot, North Dakota. He has passionately taught riparian monitoring in his classroom for 20 years. Each year, 400 students, all sophomores, monitor stream health in local waterways. His students learn critical thinking skills learning about local flooding issues. Students become Citizen Scientists interacting with local and state professionals helping to make decisions in their community. Joe has been working with National Geographic and North Dakota Geographic Alliance for 10 years. This relationship has increased the scope of his curriculum to include local watershed geography, ocean awareness, and community water activism. In 2010 Joe and three other biology teachers from Minot participated in a 2-year National Geographic Oceans Institute. This Oracle sponsored course brought sixty high school biology teachers to a week-long institute at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, CA. Teachers crafted curriculum about Marine Ecology, Human Impacts, on oceans.

In 2012, Mr. Super was chosen to be a National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellow. He was on a Expedition from Iceland and Greenland following the voyage of Eric the Red and climate change. Between 2013-2015 Joe worked with Canadian Geographic, through a National Geographic Education Grant. University professors and teachers from Canada and US collaborated to fill a gap in international watershed education. Their goal was to encourage and enable school students to gather information through place-based investigations and share the results of their fieldwork in a Web-based public access tool. Emphasis on traditional knowledge joined with digital technology in support of geo-spatial thinking, made this experience amazing rich for Joe. In 2014 two MHS students in collaboration with Minot State University did work on flooded trees in Minot. This was judged best in United States. The students and Mr. Super presented at International Junior Forest Contest in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2017 Mr. Super and his family visited New Zealand, Auckland, for 6 months. During this sabbatical Joe worked on island restoration and comparing water monitoring between countries.

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