John Mark Francis

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

John Francis is the former Vice President for Research, Conservation and Exploration at the National Geographic Society. A marine biologist and National Geographic grantee, John began his career studying the behavioral ecology of seals and sea lions on remote islands in North and South America. A film on his work led to his role as a National Geographic producer of wildlife films, covering everything from chimps and tigers to whales and sharks. Included was his role as the first scientist to deploy Crittercam on fur seals and whales, revealing for the first time their perspective of life in the deep. 

This adventure led John to a staff position at National Geographic, overseeing and expanding the grant-making side of the Society, supporting explorers around the world and pushing their stories through diverse National Geographic media. He continues promoting conservation ideals on the boards of Sustainable Travel International, the Congo Basin Institute, and the National Geographic/Lindblad Fund. He is committed to travel that celebrates and sustains people and places and is delighted to share this enthusiasm with fellow explorers.

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