Jonatha Giddens

Guest Speaker

Ocean ecologist Dr. Jonatha Giddens is a Fellow at the National Geographic Society Exploration Technology Lab where she is leading global research to better understand deep-ocean ecosystems while inspiring people to care about the ocean through the science, art, and storytelling of deep-ocean exploration.  By mapping biodiversity in the deep-sea and quantifying the relationship between biological communities and the environment in which they live, her research helps us to better understand the ecological processes and human impacts that drive patterns in deep-sea biodiversity, so that we can better steward and protect our oceans. Jonatha grew up in the Berkshires, MA, and lived overseas in the UK and Chile amongst her world travels.  She sailed to Hawaii in 2001, and has called the islands home ever since. Jonatha has a Ph.D. in ecology from the University of Hawaii. She is a US coast guard certified captain, scuba instructor, yoga teacher certified, and she loves to draw and swim in the ocean.

Dr. Giddens’ vision is to inspire a new narrative for the ocean as, not only an exquisite work of natural art, but as a vital part of who we are as a global community. With a background in natural and social sciences, and as an artist at heart, Dr. Giddens is pushing disciplinary boundaries to imagine and help create a brighter future for our ocean. Pioneering the cross-section between science, technology, art, and storytelling, Jonatha is committed to sharing her intimate connection with the ocean in the creative process of discovery. She has been an invited keynote speaker on various stages including National Geographic, MIT, and Duke University. 

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