Jordan Budisantoso

Guest Speaker

Jordan Budisantoso is the founding Computer Science (CS) Teacher at Washington Leadership Academy, an open-enrollment public charter school in Washington, DC that provides a 4-year computer science and civic leadership education to all of its students. Jordan began his teaching career in Liberty City, Miami by way of Teach for America. He started a CS program there in order to give his students access to knowledge and career pathways unavailable to them.

From participating in prestigious teaching fellowships, to partnering with elite organizations and universities, to spending evenings teaching adults coding at a night school, Jordan has spent the last several years dedicated to CS education advocacy. After receiving an award from the Governor of Florida, attention from the national office of Teach For America, and an op-ed he wrote published by US News, Jordan moved to our nation’s capital to help found and design a public high school in order to build, teach, and scale its CS programs for schools and children everywhere.

With computer science, he encourages his students to connect computational solutions to real-world problems. In order to ensure the success of our democracy, it is not only vital that our citizenry has sound computation thinking skills, but that the diversity in our tech spaces is representative of the diversity that is America. Jordan earned his B.S. in Computer Information Systems from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and also serves as a Captain in the United States Army Reserves.

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