Karen Greatti

exhale Wellness Teacher

Karen Greatti has been in the fitness industry for many years. She began in the early nineties teaching at the famous Lotte Berk Method. There she experienced the very early years of barre class. Karen began teaching at Exhale back in the early 2000's and experienced the wonderful growth of Barre and all the exercise modalities that began at Exhale. In 2006, she opened exhale Dallas and spent 5 great years growing that business which is still thriving today. In 2011, she was recruited to manage 3 Exhale New York locations: Upper East Side, Manhattan House and Bridgehampton. In December 2016, she returned to her foundation in teaching. Karen Greatti brings many years of teaching, positioning, hands on corrections, relationship building and management experience to her classes! Bringing her love of helping others and breadth of knowledge, Karen looks forward to expanding her horizons to teach in new environments to help as many students as possible.

In addition to Karen’s many years in the fitness industry she is also a semi professional photographer. Covering sporting events, portraiture and nature. Please visit her on Instagram @karengreatti Facebook Karen Greatti.

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