Katrina Gavin

Wellness Specialist

Katrina loves the variety of her roles as a massage therapist, Pilates instructor, and yoga teacher. Her passion is meeting new people and assisting them in their desire for wellness and ease.

Hailing from a small town in New Zealand, Katrina was privileged to spend time camping and exploring the country during holidays, while at the same time fostering a desire to get out and explore. She traveled the world extensively as a corporate travel agent and, on returning home from three years abroad, she decided to follow her passion for natural health and well-being. She received a diploma in relaxation and therapeutic massage and uses myriad techniques, including myo-fascial release, trigger point therapy, and aromatherapy, to work with each client.

Katrina is fascinated by the intricate way the body works to create balance, and she’s delved further into the study of the mind-body connection with the study of yoga. In 2011 she completed yoga and Pilates teacher training. Most recently she has been teaching yoga and Pilates at a busy inner-city studio, and she is looking forward to sharing her skills and knowledge in a situation where clients have time to reconnect with themselves and the world.

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