Keith Bellows

Past Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Keith was named editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveler magazine in January 1998 and a vice president of the National Geographic Society in March 2000. Under his stewardship, the magazine has been nominated for two National Magazine Awards, won more than 60 Lowell Thomas Awards for best travel writing (it has been named best magazine eight of his 11 years), and seven Folio Awards for Best Travel Magazine. He recently led a National Geographic team to create Journeystreams, an open-source online product to enable students to tell and share multimedia stories.

Before joining Traveler he was executive producer of Excite, then the fifth largest site on the Internet. He also created and edited more than 30 magazines, after starting his career writing for numerous publications including Sports Illustrated, and as an editor for Readers Digest. He is the author of The Canuck Book and is hard at work on the eagerly anticipated book 100 Places That Will Change Your Child’s Life.

Passionate about travel and world cultures, Bellows, a Canadian citizen, was born in the Congo and schooled in Scotland. He is a passionate advocate for travel and its ability to broaden us and add to our humanity. Drawing from his global upbringing, international education, and experiences at the helm of National Geographic Traveler, Bellows shows how the greatest learning experiences you can give a child happen outside the classroom. He believes that to create world-ready workers we must raise world-savvy students, and that travel is a critical way to foster the next generation of global citizens.

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