Kelly Meade

Grosvenor Teacher Fellow

Kelly V. Meade is a teacher at David Starr Jordan High School in Long Beach, Ca. She teaches students to empower their growth mindset in her Medical Chemistry, Epidemiology & Public Health, and General Chemistry classes. Kelly is the director of the California Partnership Academy, Aspirations in Medical Sciences (AIMS) Academy, where she provides students with a combination of rigorous academics and career technical education through work-based learning. In Kelly’s spare time she works closely with her International Honorary Organization for Woman Educators, Alpha Delta Kappa – Zeta Chapter or she is outside backcountry hiking, snowboarding, enjoying hot yoga, or paddle boarding. Other extracurricular activities include being her schools District Science Fair Coordinator, working with the California Department of Education’s Phase 6 NGSS Statewide Rollout Writing Team for Environmental Literacy and writing curriculum for the University of California Curriculum Institutes. Internationally, Kelly has worked alongside the Peace Corps volunteers in Uganda at the Kabwohe Clinical Research Center teaching Life Skills and Health Education. She also volunteered with Angel City Choral in South Africa and the United Kingdom to promote music education. Her highest mountain climbed so far is Kilimanjaro, the Arrow Glacier Route, and she is motivated to go higher. In 2017 Kelly was selected as a National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions Grosvenor Teacher Fellow and completed an expedition to Antarctica where she developed curriculum that focused on the value of water. Kelly’s Motto: bridge the gap between students and the environment they live in through digital journeys.

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