Mark Brazil


Mark is a British-born ornithologist/biologist educated at Keele and Stirling Universities. He earned his Ph.D. for studies in avian behavioral ecology. A circuitous route via New Zealand led him to Asia where he has become a specialist on Japan’s natural history. He has been involved in making numerous natural history documentaries for television, programming for radio, and taught biodiversity, conservation, and ornithology at a Japanese university. 

Mark has been writing articles, papers, and books ever since graduating. Since 2007 he has been a freelance author and traveling naturalist/lecturer/expedition leader, leading expeditions to many parts of Asia, South America, and Africa. His many books include the field guides, Birds of East Asia and Birds of Japan. He loves to be surrounded by and immersed in nature. Between travels Mark resides in the Akan Mashu National Park in eastern Hokkaido, Japan where he enjoys watching the local wildlife, writing, and soaking in his own rotemburo (outdoor hot spring).

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