Martin Graser


Captain Graser has a true passion for expedition cruising, but especially for ice navigation. He has an extensive experience of 18 years on board expeditions ships, with 24 seasons spent in the Antarctic, or about 80 Antarctic expeditions, and in the high Arctic, adding up to more than 1,200 days navigating polar waters. Since a very young age, Martin spent most of his summers on board home-built sailboats, sailing the Baltic Sea and the North Sea with his parents. At the age of 19, Captain Graser started his career at sea. After a degree as ship-mechanic and the completion of marine studies, he found employment as second officer on board the cruise ship AIDA, carrying 1,250 passengers, at the time Germany's largest cruise vessel. However, most of his 25 years at sea were spent on expedition cruise ships sailing worldwide. 

From 2003 to 2006 he worked for Lindblad Expeditions as chief officer on board the National Geographic Endeavour. In 2006 he became full-time captain of the Hanse Explorer, an ice-reinforced expedition mega-yacht operating worldwide with a focus on the polar regions. The ship served as training vessel for officer cadets and as a platform for extended scientific expeditions to some of the most remote islands and coral reefs in the world.  The ship was, for example, used as  a science-platform for several National Geographic “Pristine Seas” expeditions, as well as having been chartered for research trips of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. In 2015 Martin returned to Lindblad Expeditions as captain of the National Geographic Orion. Captain Graser's navigation experience includes Antarctica, Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, the Norwegian fjords and the Russian Far East, along with some of the most remote areas of the South Pacific.  

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