Mary Quinones

Grosvenor Teacher Fellow

Mary (Beth) Quinones teaches accelerated biology and forensics at Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. She strives to empower students by making connections between scientific topics and the social, environmental, and biological issues in today’s society. Students are given the knowledge and confidence to take action and act as stewards for our resources and our planet. After the Grosvenor Teacher Fellow expedition, she will tie the ecological impact of invasive species and current management plans of the Galápagos Islands to her classroom ecology unit. For a past expedition project, she created a virtual reality experience with a computer science class. From 1984 to 1998, Beth worked as a research assistant in immunology and microbiology at various universities across the United States. In 1998, she moved back to Cincinnati and began a new career in education. She has been able to bring an understanding of real-world research applications to the high school science classroom. In addition to coaching boys’ water polo and tournament chess she sponsors her school’s ski club and mentors students for local, regional, and international science fair projects. Her mentees have received awards in multiple Intel International Science and Engineering Fairs with topics such as bamboo as an alternative fuel source, alternative fuel cell designs, safety in the science classroom, and 3D modeling of protein structures.

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