Melissa Cook

Guest Speaker

Melissa Cook, a National Board-Certified educator, teaches second grade in Burien, Washington. She fell in love with travel at the age of seven when she explored Japan with an uncle who was stationed at the Navy base in Yokosuka. Since then, her curiosity about the world and how it works has led her to study in England, teach in Russia, and travel extensively across North and South America, Asia, and Europe. She loves to combine her passions for travel, literature, and history, and often reads books set in or written about the location she is exploring (she read Johnny Tremain while in Boston, Fried Green Tomatoes while road-tripping through the American South, and Philip Longworth’s non-fiction text Russia’s Empires while sitting on a bench outside the Kremlin).

Melissa draws from her travel experiences in her classroom whenever possible, seeking to make the world as exciting and accessible to her students as it is to her. Her passion is for her students to develop a lifelong love of learning and an awareness of their own role in how the world works. She integrates her students’ questions, curiosity, and insights into every lesson, and encourages students to discover answers for themselves through observation and meaningful discussion. She is eager to grow as an explorer, a learner, and as a teacher through her collaboration with National Geographic and the Grosvenor Teacher Fellow program.

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