Melissa Samuels

Wellness Specialist

Melissa was born in the Midwest but spent her summers in Maine on her grandparent's farm. There she developed a love of the outdoors and a sense of adventure rooted in nature. Melissa has been teaching yoga and practicing massage since 2006. She is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga instructor, certified shamanic practitioner, and certified craniosacral therapist. Clients seek her out for relief from pain. Her modalities include injury treatment, deep tissue, sports massage, craniosacral, reiki, and energy healing rooted in shamanism.

Melissa has been traveling internationally for work since 2012. When she's not snorkeling, hiking, improvising, massaging, or teaching, she's exploring her backwoods in the beautiful state of Maine. She loves spending time with family and friends and prioritizes strengthening her connections with those she loves.

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