Michael Wysession

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Michael is a Professor of Geophysics at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, renown for his seismological research and his many contributions to science education, literacy, and outreach. His seismological research has taken him around the world, including a recent seismic deployment in Madagascar, though he is widely known for his highly rated “Great Courses” video lectures with the Teaching Company, including “The World’s Greatest Geologic Wonders” and a team member for “National Graphic’s Polar Explorations.”

Michael was the chair of the National Science Foundation’s Earth Science Literacy Initiative, the chair of Earth and Space Sciences for the writing of the new K-12 Next Generation Science Standards being adopted by most U.S. schools, and has coauthored more than 20 textbooks from grade school to grad school. Michael lectures around the world on critical issues in Earth Science such as climate change, sustainability, natural hazards, and human impacts on Earth systems, and this is his 5th cruise as a lecturer. Michael loves hiking and the outdoors, having grown up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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