Parag Bhuva

Guest Speaker

Parag Bhuva is a high school social studies teacher in Washington, DC. He has a passion for integrating all subjects into his history classes to help students understand the forces that have shaped our world. As a human being and an educator, he seeks to empower himself and his students to never feel helpless in the face of the world’s biggest problems by breaking them down into small but local and actionable steps to then perform.

Parag has been teaching for five years and has taught physics and history in both India and the United States. On a personal level, he seeks to be the best role model he can for his students by pushing himself to continuously be reflective and willing to work on his shortcomings. He also cares deeply about education not just for a career, but also to weather the challenges of life. He actively seeks to integrate meditation and mindfulness into his everyday curricula and to develop human beings full of drive and passion. While he is a long way from achieving his goals, he takes immense pleasure in the experimentation that comes with the journey.

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