Patrick Wallace

Global Perspectives Guest Speaker

Dr. Patrick Wallace served as director of the National Museum of Ireland for over 23 years. Before his appointment, he was the archaeologist in charge of the museum’s Viking excavations at Wood Quay in Dublin, which would prove to be the largest Viking age urban excavations ever undertaken in Western or Northern Europe.

Dr. Wallace’s work as an archaeologist of the Viking age and of urbanism has earned an international reputation. His academic publications center mainly on the early-medieval urban archaeology of Dublin. His definitive 650 page study on Viking Dublin: The Wood Quay Excavations was published by Irish Academic Press in 2016. He has lectured all over the world, including at National Geographic headquarters in Washington D.C.

He hosted a radio series on archeology and another on what everyday life in Viking Dublin would have been like, and he is a regular fixture on television. In 2018 he was the subject of a documentary in the Finné/Witness series in TG4/Irish Television.

Recently retired from academic life, Dr. Wallace continues to write and research Ireland’s archaeology and social history and also appear on heritage on radio and television. By staying involved with heritage issues, he remains as strong an advocate for archaeology, social history, conservation, and local history as he always has been.

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